Working Capital Management in Times of Crisis - Cash is King

Working Capital Management in Times of Crisis – Cash is King

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May 15 10:30am

The world is talking about how to keep ourselves healthy to avoid the COVID 19 virus.

In contrast, in the business world, entrepreneurs and financial managers are also checking the financial health of their business. And the term they use is not virus but “Working Capital”.

Working capital is a common measure of a company’s liquidity, efficiency, and overall health. And when liquidity is a major concern, Cash will always be King!

  1. Review the business cashflows and identify specific funding requirements. An accurate and credible forecast will be a prerequisite for a successful engagement with banks and creditors. Analyzing the crisis period and the recovery & ramp-up period that will follow is crucial.
  2. Carefully consider banks & lenders, creditors, employees and customer positions in preparing a revised business plan. Managing receivables will be crucial in trading through this crisis.
  3. The emphasis for all stakeholders should be on preserving the viability of the business in the short term, while also protecting value until the macro environment stabilizes and recovers.
  4. Though the end of the current crisis is uncertain, identifying when your business can begin to trade profitably again and generate positive cashflow will be crucial.

SPEAKER – ORLY P. TUGOB (CPA, MBA Candidate, Toastmaster, Philippine Association of Professional Speakers)

Orly has more than 25 years of banking experience. He assumed key positions in banks until he resigned as Vice President for Trust Banking. He has participated in negotiation for bank mergers, business acquisitions and commercial loans syndication. As a former loans officer, portfolio manager and investment consultant, he has examined business plans and walked through a wide spectrum of business operations. As a result, he discovered the success formula of many organizations – continuous human resource training.

He is a USAID and Asian Foundation recipient of scholarship program on Mediation in Business, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution.

As a trainer, Orly mixes humor, motivational, ‘edutainment’ and ‘storyteaching’ techniques. He moves the business model from the workshop to the workplace using cases drawn from experience. He has been teaching negotiation skills, conflict resolution, accounting for non-accountants and effective oral communication for more than 10 years now to various organizations. Orly collaborated in designing and delivering the Curriculum-Based Training Program to SM Mall Managers since 2008.

For two consecutive years, Orly represented the Philippines at Toastmasters International Speech Contests in San Antonio, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A. He won 2nd runner-up among contestants from all countries outside the United States and Canada.

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Working Capital Management in Times of Crisis - Cash is King

Working Capital Management in Times of Crisis – Cash is King

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