Why Do Strong Leaders Make You Feel Safe And Motivate


In times of crisis, employees look after a strong leader who would deal with the controversy outright and with much effectiveness and efficiency. There are, however, leaders who, when faced with a difficult dilemma, tend to look first for faults among their subordinates before solving the issue outright – and this is because they need a scapegoat when things go south. This is why most employees are scared to confront an issue to their managers because there are leaders who would, initially, see them at fault when presented with any predicament. Thus, it is essential for an employee to feel safe and motivated by their leaders in order for them to be productive in their works assigned. Make no mistake, an effective and strong leader is not born but transformed into one.

Here are three reasons why productive employees prefer strong leaders:

1. They set an example for which their subordinates can learn from. 

Generally, employees need to be able to depend on their leaders. They seek a leader who leads by example they want to be able to see demonstrated commitment and power in their leaders’ decisions and affirmation in their actions. Thus, it is imperative for a strong leader to have the capacity to lead other people and he needs to establish his authority in order for them to know the actuation they can learn from their leader. Nowadays, people tend to look beyond the slick appearance. They want content and proven ability they can trust to get them through the increasing challenges of the 21st Century. Pertinently, if the leader expects his subordinates to be hard workers, then he, too, should be a hard worker.

2. They establish effective communication with their subordinates.

People need to know what their leaders are saying. Currently, employees are looking for clarity and consistency in their leaders’ communications, whether orally or in writing. They are looking for honesty and openness in the dialogue they have with their leaders. Further, strong leaders can communicate with their subordinates through empathy and compassion. They have the ability to discern the feelings of their subordinates – this is important because it helps the employer-employee relationship to be transparent and can tantamount to lesser conflicts in the workplace. Finally, strong leaders care for the people around them. Today, people want to know and see that their leaders truly care about them, and their needs, concerns, fears, dreams, and well-being are being accorded.

3. They provide a meticulous strategy that aims to achieve an intended goal. 

Strong leaders know where they are going. After establishing a right goal for his subordinate, a strong leader creates a proper delegation of work, communicates them to his subordinates methodically and takes responsibility of it after scrutinizing each and every work he assigned to his subordinates. People want to know that their leaders have a plan that is scrutinized diligently, which covers all the contingencies and challenges. A strategy created by a strong leader is more than just a plan-execution-result game plan – it includes the pre and post – assessment of the process of attaining the intended goal to be achieved and a solution which would be felt even in the long run, among others.

Strong leaders produce productive subordinates because they lead by example, establish effective communication with their subordinates, and they provide a meticulous strategy to achieve an intended goal.

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