The 10 Commandments of HR


by Ernie Espinosa
Past President – PMAP and People Manager of the Year

  1. I am in HR.  I am not the king or queen but I am the maker.  Thou shall not compare my expertise with other professions.
  2. My main function is unique in many ways.   My mission is to help grow my Company’s business as well as those of employees.
  3. Remember to respect May 1, Labor Day.  It is the day of hardworking men and women who toil and sacrifice daily.  They are mostly in the fringes of our society.  Without them, there won’t be successful businesses.
  4. The Philippine Labor Code is your best bet when it comes to referencing.  Let it serve as your guide, in making informed decisions together with labor jurisprudence, rulings and promulgations on business affairs.
  5. Thou shall not be late in meetings, appointments and other commitments.  Value other people’s time, money and effort.
  6. Thou shall not open your mouth unless you have something good to say.  “When you write or utter your words, you tell everyone who you are.”
  7. Go to the scene where the action is.  Never rely on secondary data such as subordinates’ reports, whether verbal or written, book authors’ insights and other non-primary data.   Do not imagine things.  Validate.  Ask around.  See what is happening with your very own eyes.
  8. Thou shall not be dishonest and corrupt in your dealings with employees and customers.  You represent XYZ Corporation (your Company).  See to it that you always reflect your Company’s values to other people.
  9. Your word is your bond.  Never pay lip-service to what you will say you will do.
  10. Always be a good role model to everyone in all aspects.   Be a maverick but don’t be a deviant.  Always be compliant.  Follow norms.   Be meek, kind, fair and humble but never take “shit” from anyone.


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Rene Espinosa

Rene Espinosa

Rene Espinosa, the President of Powermax Consulting Group, Inc., and the President of Advertising and Gaming Fabrication, Inc., is an energetic, enlightening, and entertaining motivational speaker and sales trainer. He has been featured in sales conventions both here and abroad and has conducted a plethora of public and in-house seminars.  

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