Best Labor and HR Practices In The Industry

  1. Looking after employee health and wellness
  2. Raising cultural awareness
  3. Future-proofing employees
  4. Taking care of employee career path
  5. Extensive training

Different industries have been experiencing the best HR practices in our society today. Encouraging Philippine tax seminars, detailed training, and openly accepting diversity, the workforce is becoming a better place to be for many individuals. The pros of these practices outweigh the cons, many modern methods have harnessed the potential of many workers.

Taking great care of every worker in a company will farewell, not just for each employee but for the company as a whole. It is the responsibility of the human resource department to ensure that every unit is equally catered for. Any issues that arise should be properly taken care of and solutions that will work for everyone must be done with haste. Let’s look into the best HR Practices in the workforce:

Looking After Employee Health and Wellness

HR departments from various companies are aware that an employee’s health and wellbeing should be a concern that calls for great importance. Not only because labor law requires them to but this is essential for the whole company to produce the best results.

HR professionals are taking into consideration the fact that a person’s psychological well-being will greatly impact their work performance. The workforce is always exposed to tons of stressors and varying loads of stress. Too much stress could negatively affect an employee’s health and conversely their work performance.

Those who work under a human resource department have been incorporating topics on work-life balance in orientations and company training sessions. Most companies even provide health cards to their employees to cover for any clinic or hospital bills. It’s always good for employees to know that the company they work for cares about them and wellness.

Raising Cultural Awareness

Raising Cultural Awareness

Today’s workforce is becoming more diverse and many teams work with groups of people from different walks of life. Companies that have culturally diverse employees pose a challenge for human resource management teams. They must ensure that every single individual work without conflict and experience a harmonious work environment.

In the past, work culture is one of the leading causes of increased stress for employees. Discrimination and gossip that circulates about an employee can lead to their resignation and impact a company due to a rise in the attrition rate. Nowadays, these cases are strict grounds for termination.

Future-Proofing Employees

Taking care of the growth of employees is one thing, protecting them from being laid over is another. Human resources take the fast-paced evolution of technology into consideration. Many employees are afraid of their work being taken away from them due to the increasing demand for autonomous machines.

Today, there are systems that can take over human activity. The fear of being replaced by a machine is a possibility that many in the workforce consider. It’s up to human resources to manage their employees when a company decides to incorporate the use of artificial intelligence for certain jobs. Most go for the option of working hand in hand with AI while others pivot their workers and suggest to move them to a department in which they will likely excel in.

Taking Care of Employee Career Path

Taking Care of Employee Career Path

It’s up to the human resource department to place an employee in a department where he/she will foster the most growth and become more marketable in the field. During the hiring process, an interviewee will submit their biodata or curriculum vitae to the company. Then, the human resource department will decide whether or not he/she is fit for the position.

Today, if an interviewee is not fit for the job, they won’t reject the individual, instead, they’ll offer other positions that they think will be better for them. This is a great HR practice as it helps provide people with jobs and helps the company’s potential growth.

Extensive Training

In the past, newly hired employees had to attend company orientations and general training about the job they’re going to tackle. The rest is up for the employee. Learning on the job is great, but companies are trying to unlock the untapped potential of their employees by providing more in-depth training involving the field they’re in.

These types of training are usually free and enhance the performance of their employees. Most companies choose certain employees to attend seminars. Tax in the Philippines is a topic that is a mystery to most employees, that’s why a lot of companies nowadays incorporate Philippine tax congress discussions and seminars about the said topic.

Key Takeaway

Today’s standard human resource practices have far improved from the past. Companies that embrace the changes in these practices have improved employee happiness as well as group and individual performance. In the future, human resource trends will surely change and adapt even more effective and efficient ways of enhancing an employee’s work experience. Company meetings are becoming as great as the interactions in the Philippine tax congress. This is ultimately a good sign for the nation’s future.

Kiro Espinosa

Kiro Espinosa

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