3 Ways On How You Can Become A Highly-Respected Leader


Effective leadership is a commitment to interaction and connection with people, some of whom are, frequently, difficult to deal with. For Mr. Bob “Idea man” Hooey, the author of the book entitled Creative Conflict: Idea-Rich Leadership Strategies For Team Success,”, in a variety of leadership and team roles, conflict naturally happens when people with varying viewpoints, cultures, experiences and agendas attempt to connect or co-operate in a relationship, a venture or even a common cause of great importance. Thus, effective leaders must be the ‘coaches’ of their respective teams in order for them to respect him. Basically, they must know how to effectively motivate their team – that is, they must learn how to draw the abilities and skills of their subordinates and to train those who need help in reaching the common or shared goals. 

Here are some traits of the highly-respected leaders: 

1. They have good communications skills.

Generally, dynamic communication is the most crucial aspect of leadership. Lack of communication within the team essentially results to conflicts and financial losses. Thus, respected leaders use clear and concise language to instruct, direct, and coach their subordinates. They also have active listening skills. Further, it is imperative for effective leaders to boost the confidence of their employees. This motivates them to work better and improve their way of doing things, new tasks and skills. While there is a possibility of favoring some people, respected leaders go beyond that idea and make a serious application of rewarding raw talents and hard work regardless of their connection with the person.

2. They have a strong foundation and experience in the workplace.

Having a strong experience does not mean that a person must be of age before he can be respected by his subordinates. It means,  it would be an advantage for the leaders if they have already done the job personally (or at least, have an idea) or had  previous experience through training. Generally, experience builds the maturity of a person. Most often than not, people of experience gain more control over themselves and they mold themselves in becoming persons who are immensely organized and productive– which are all indicators of highly respected leaders. Conversely, a disorganized workplace leaves the impression that the leader has no regard for the facet of the company. Ultimately, being a highly respected leader would mean that people view you as being knowledgeable, honest and trustworthy. 

3. They respect their subordinates, too.

Respect can be regarded as a two-way street – you cannot gain respect without showing one. Although a leader may be in authority, it would not prima facie mean that he can already be respected by his subordinates. A highly-respected leader has genuine respect for other people, too. Almost all strong leaders have the capacity of helping their subordinates to be better not only in their work but also in their lives. Serving their underlings should always be the priority of leaders. You’re filling a need or solving a problem. And if you’re in it for yourself, everyone else under you will be, too.

All these traits and skills may not guarantee your success as a leader, but they will, nevertheless, give you a better chance to be respected by your subordinates and by other people. They lay as the groundwork needed to effectively deal with conflict that arises from your team’s interaction – which, then, ultimately make you a highly-respected leader.

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To know more on how to become a highly-respected leader, you may access the book of Mr. Bob “Idea Man” Hooey, entitled “Creative Conflict: Idea-Rich Leadership Strategies For Team Success.” It is simply a bi-product of the interaction and connection between people. Handling Conflicts is effectively a part of the leadership process. Resolve to be an ‘effective’ leader and welcome ‘creative conflict’ as an opportunity to help your team grow and succeed.

Canada’s Ideaman, Bob Hooey partners with committed leaders and organizations to equip and motivate for profitable grown and enhanced success. He teaches the secrets of idea-rich business and leadership development built on solid foundations and taking strategic action. He is the prolific author of 15 business and leadership success books and travels the world sharing his innovative ideas at work.
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