Christmas Party, Awards Night, Product Launching or Other Corporate Events?
Instead of the Usual Stress and Headaches…
Leave the Worrying to Us! Let Us Manage Your Events!
We Can Take Care of: Celebrity Guests, Talents,
(Emcees, Singers, Dancers, Bands, Models),
Stage Design, Sounds and Lights, Program, Food / Venue,
LCD Projector, LED Wall, Video Coverage,
Photo Documentation, Event Marketing and a lot more…

Public Seminars and IN-HOUSE TRAINING

We have a battery of expert speakers who can help develop your people through the following programs:

HR and Labor law
HR Competencies Development
Job Analysis and Job Description
Labor Law
Company Policy

All About VAT
TOP Secrets of Handling BIR Audit
Withholding Tax
Tax Shield

39 Ways to Close More Sales
Handling Objections Made Easy
Energizing the Sales Force

Other Programs
Total Customer Delight
Double Your Collection Efficiency
The Magic of Positive Thinking
Dynamic Team-building
Accounting and Bookkeeping

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