March 18 – Warehouse Management

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Learn more about Labor Law 101 and Latest Labor Law Updates
Mr. Ricardo “Ricky ” De Vera MBA, CSP, CMP
on February 28, 2020 at RCBC PLAZA MAKATI

February 28 – Effective to Increase Collection

Prices inclusive of seminar kit, certificates, snacks, and lunch.

5,295.00 + VAT


Business organizations have been losing substantially in their operations with inefficient warehouse processes, procedures as well as practices. These situations, when left unchecked, would provide more avenues towards inefficiency, lag practices, growing concerns on pilferage or shrinkage in storage. Likewise, many employees assigned in the warehousing team do not have the basic knowledge or skills towards better productivity in their work assignments. This further complicates the challenges towards better stocking, inventory and distribution.

This seminar builds a strong foundation for the essentials of planning and warehouse operations. The focus is on the basics of the framework, essence, and practices towards efficiency and productivity.


at the end of the session, participants will have:

  • A self-grounding on the basics and the essence of the Warehouse function
  • Internalize the essentials toward Warehousing Management inventory
  • Build a working knowledge to create better Warehousing productivity


Company Losing In Inefficiency On Warehousing:

Essence Of The Function

    (touches on the essence of Warehousing, lost profitability, cost

     disadvantages and weaker financial health of a business)

Warehousing Challenges 

     assessing the design of the Warehouse model of the organization

Concepts In Warehouse And Distribution Management

     (builds the “reasons behind” or concepts that have shaped the               operations)

Warehouse Operations And Process Framework

     (journey that traces the key components necessary to organize the

      team and strengthen the understanding of follow-thru in implementation)

Layout And Space Utilization

     (realization of space for utilization and the science of Proxemics)

Inventory Management

     (approaches towards an efficient inventory management model)

Stock And Control Management

     (approaches towards an efficient stock and control management)

Picking And Storage Management

     (ensure a moving inventory of stocks on a managed basis)

Distribution Challenges

     (identifies the key issues in the Logistics Management area)

Equipment Maintenance

    (covers the practical approach towards better maintenance  of  equipments)

Materials Handling

  (highlights on the proper approach in materials handling)

February 28 – Effective to Increase Collection

(Inclusive of seminar kit, certificates and am snacks, lunch and pm snacks)


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March 18 – Warehouse Management

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5,295.00 + VAT