July 30 - Effective Supervisory Leadership in this Pandemic by Powermax Consulting Group Inc.


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1,499.00 + VAT

July 30, 2020

By: Barbie Atienza

Part 1 – 1:30pm – 3:00pm
Part 2 – 3:30pm – 5:00pm

Regular Rate Php 1,499.00 + VAT starting July 24, 2020
Early Bird Rate Php 1,399.00 + VAT until July 23, 2020
Group Rate Php 1,299.00 + VAT per pax for 5 or more pax

Inclusive of the Webinar Session, Presentation Materials of the Speaker and the Digital Certificate (with dashboard)

The critical role of a leader or supervisor in this pandemic cannot be overemphasized. If in these challenging times he can effectively guide, control, and motivate his team, the desired result will be achieved. Unfortunately, leading a team especially at this juncture is anything but easy. It requires sharpening the ax and enhancing one’s leadership skills and attitude. This program aims to equip and empower the supervisors and team leaders by providing them with the important concepts and tools to enable them to propel their people to achieve their targets.


  1. Defining management, supervision, & leadership
  2. Taking the leadership cudgels
  3. Three-Step logic for managers and supervisors
  4. Understanding people under all circumstances is the key
  5. Becoming a people expert-an imperative
    • Changing viewpoints
    • Expanding comfort zone
    • Self-development
    • Developing mindset
  6. Management functions
    • Planning
    • Leading
    • Organizing
    • Controlling
  7. Activities of leadership
  8. Delegation
  9. Coaching
  10. Managerial grid
  11. Situational leadership
  12. Interactive management
  13. Leadership and power
  14. Knowing yourself & your people
  15. Decision making
  16. Communication
    • The requirement for A Leader-Communicator
    • Time, Temper, Tone, Tact
    • 5C’s of Communication
  17. Theories of leadership
  18. Developing people
  19. Selecting people
  20. Continuous learning


He is an accomplished professional in both fields of Public Relations and Human Resource Management. Currently, he is the Head of External Affairs of Manila Bulletin Publishing Corporation. Among the positions he has handled before are:

* Managing Director of MAPECON Philippines, Inc.
* VP for Human Resource Management of James Hardie Building Products
* President of People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP)
* President of Society of Fellows in People Management

He is also a much sought after speaker, resource speaker, lecturer, consultant and host/emcee in the Philippines and various countries. He is a known socio-civic leader having been a Barangay Chairman and volunteer for various organizations, embracing various advocacies and causes. Concurrently, he is the Vice-president of the Public Relations Society of the Philippines and the United Print Media Group. He is a writer and broadcaster,. hosting TV and radio programs, including “Good Job Philippines” over DZRJ 810AM every Saturday morning.


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To ensure a pleasant webinar experience, we recommend to registrants to:

  1. Download and install the Zoom application beforehand
  2. Ensure that there is a proper internet WIFI connection
  3. Use a working webinar streaming device.

1,499.00 + VAT


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July 30 - Effective Supervisory Leadership in this Pandemic by Powermax Consulting Group Inc.


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1,499.00 + VAT