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  • Legitimate Job Contracting/Subcontracting

    Legitimate Job Contracting and Subcontracting

    1,699.00 + VAT

    Featured Speaker: Ms. Rhoda Castro Caliwara
    National President – PALSCON (2016 – Present)

    May 24, 2022
    2:00pm – 5:00pm
    Regular Rate           Php 1,699.00 + VAT starting May 18, 2022
    Early Bird Rate        Php 1,399.00 + VAT until May 17, 2022
    Group Rate             Php 1,299.00 + VAT per pax for 5 – 14 pax
    Super Group Rate   Php 1,099.00 + VAT per pax for 15 or more pax

    Inclusive of the Webinar Session, the presentation materials and the Digital Certificate ******************************************************************* 

    Legitimate Job Contracting/Subcontracting



    Job contracting and subcontracting have been a hot issue in the Philippines. This is largely attributable to the plethora of misconceptions on this topic. In addition, and unarguably, there are those who engage in illegitimate practices such as labor-only contracting. This brings to the fore the need to clarify job contracting and subcontracting and answer the crux of the matter: “What are legitimate ways to do job contracting and subcontracting?” This very important learning session will be facilitated by the National President of the Philippine Associate of Legitimate Service Contractors, Ms. Rhoda Caliwara.

    Course Outline

    1. Job Contracting: Its meaning and nature

    2. The Job Contracting Business: Outsourcing vs. Subcontracting

    3. Legitimacy of Job Contracting /Subcontracting in the Philippines

    3.1. The Trilateral Relations

    3.2. The Employer and Employee Relationship – The Fourfold Test

    3.3. Labor Only Contracting

    3.4. The Laws and Regulations that Govern Job Contracting/Subcontracting

    • Articles 106-109 of the Labor Code of the Labor Code of the Philippines
    • DOLE Department Order NO. 174, Series of 2017
    • The Prohibited Practices

    3.5. Effects of Labor Only Contracting

    4. When is Job Contracting/Subcontracting Considered Legitimate?

    5. The misconceptions on Job Contracting/Subcontracting

    6. Significance of Job contracting

    6.1. Why outsource?

    6.2. How does Job Contracting/Subcontracting Serve the Ends Labor Welfare and Protection?

    7. The Philippine Association of Legitimate Service Contractors


    RESOURCE SPEAKER – Rhoda Castro Caliwara

    Founder and President of Executive Genesis Services, Inc, a company that has been in the industry of Service Contracting for more than 28 years, and the National President of the Philippine Association of Legitimate Service Contractors (PALSCON) – 2016 to present. A Vlogger of NegoSHEnte YouTube channel and a co-host of an industry-produced program titled, PALSCONnect, also on YouTube and Facebook.



    Dec 2021 | Women Empowerment Principles
    The UN Women 2021 Philippines Awards
    2021 Leadership Commitment Awardee for Asia-Pacific Region

    Sept 2021 | Filipina Women Network
    100 FWN Most Influential Filipina Women in the World
    100 Most Influential Filipina Women in the World Awards

    Mar 2022 | Go Negosyo COVID-19 Resiliency Award
    Inspiring Filipina Entrepreneurs 2022 Awards

    Mar 2022 | RCMOC (RI District 3780)
    Mario Nery Awardee – Service Contracting
    Mario Nery Vocational Excellence Awards and Golden Wheel Awards

    Mar 2022 | International Council for Small Business Phil. Honoree – 100 Womenpreneur 2022
    Her Passion: Womenpreneur Expo 2022


    • Philippine Association of Legitimate Service Contractors
    • People Management Association of the Philippines
    • Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    • Employers Confederation of the Philippines
    • Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship / Go Negosyo
    • Rotary Club of Midtown of Quezon City
    • International Council for Small Business Philippines
    • Women’s Business Council of the Philippines


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    • Job Evaluation
    • Employee Compensation and Benefits


    • Labor Law 101
    • Flexible Work Arrangements
    • Company Policy
    • Employee Discipline
    • Administrative Hearing
    • Job Contracting


    • Basic Taxation
    • All About VAT
    • Withholding Taxes
    • Tax Assessment
    • Percentage Tax
    • Legal Strategies to Reduce Tax
    • Handling B.I.R. Audit
    • Employee Benefits Tax


    • Basic Accounting and Bookkeeping
    • Understanding Financial Statements
    • Strengthening Your Accounting Systems
    • Internal Control
    • Accounting for Non-Accountants
    • Finance for Non-Financial Professionals


    • Introduction to Materials Management
    • Warehouse Management
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    • Work Attitude and Values Enhancement
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