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We appreciate your support and participation to Powermax events and seminars.

As a token of our gratitude, we would like to share with you an invaluable material on leadership dubbed as “In the Company of Leaders”.

Mr Bob “Idea Man” Hooey, who has been an active Toastmaster for almost 29 years, has pulled together 40 top leadership speakers and authors to create “In the Company of Leaders”.

Updated in October 2019, to celebrate the 95th Anniversary of Toastmasters International, this PDF copy is shared with Powermax Consulting Group, Inc. through the generosity of Mr. Bob Hooey.

With his permission, we are happy and excited to share with you this special material. Our way of saying “Thank You!” and “All the best for 2020!”

Powermax Consulting Group, Inc.

PS: If you want a printed copy it is available on the Amazon.

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