Effective Purchasing Management

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Learn the Effective Purchasing Management techniques

1. Understand the essentials of efficient purchasing management.
2. Understand principles and practice of effective procurement management
3. Build the skills towards better Purchasing.
4. Develop the right focus interms of handling the challenging tasks across the lines of the internal departments.

  • Essence Of Business Organizations : Deliver The Commitments To Customers (a critical introduction to appreciate the value given by Purchasing systems)
  • Challenges In Purchasing As A Function In Organization (identification of the bottlenecks and concerns of conventional purchasing)
  • Role And Responsibilities Of A Results-Driven Purchaser (clarification and identification of the needed qualities towards a more results-driven Purchasing professional)
  • Framework And Cycle Of Purchasing Necessary For Healthy Organizations (presentation of the appropriate framework that creates the exchange between Purchasing and internal departments as well as external parties)
  • Understanding Purchasing Systems (addressing the key gaps towards better creation of results-driven processes that tracks the efforts of the purchasing role)
  • Pitfalls In Purchasing Systems – Risks
  • (clarity of the risks and where they could be present and would then have to be addressed accordingly)
  • Principles And Concept Of Purchasing With Supplier/Vendor Management
  • (build a more results-driven purchasing process by understanding its principles and guidelines)
  • What Is Purchasing Management : Managing Suppliers/Vendors (Build the philosophy of managing better the stages in Purchasing to be able to deliver the expected results)
  • Transformation From Purchasing To Procurement (a healthy discussion to define and clarify the similarities and differences of Purchasing and Procurement)
  • Upstream Procurement Management (6 Steps Of Upstream) (discussion on the interactions of the Purchasing Team with internal departments)
  • Downstream Procurement Management (6 Steps Of Downstream) (discussion on the interactions of the Purchasing Team with Suppliers)
  • Improving The Process Of Purchasing Responsive (Moving forward initiatives that should be taken for the improvement of the Purchasing initiatives and results with vendor management)

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