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Lead!: 12 idea-rich leadership success secrets

Mr. Bob "Idea man" Hooey

Author, Legacy of Leadership

Bob Hooey

12 idea-rich strategies for ‘Bringing out the BEST in your people’ is a primer for serious leaders who want to enhance productivity, build morale, and equip their teams to more profitably succeed. It draws on 29 years plus idea-rich leadership experience. Canada’s Ideaman, Bob Hooey partners with committed leaders and organizations to equip and motivate for profitable grown and enhanced success. He teaches the secrets of idea-rich business and leadership development built on solid foundations and taking strategic action. He is the prolific author of 15 business and leadership success books and travels the world sharing his innovative Ideas At Work! “My continued leadership growth and sharing of my leadership lessons are my gift back to my ‘guides’ for the faith they showed in my life. Leadership is a ‘giving back’ life style of choice and commitment.” Bob ‘Idea Man’ Hooey LEAD! 12 idea-rich strategies for leadership success.