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Creative Conflict: Idea-Rich Leadership Strategies For Team Success

Mr. Bob "Idea man" Hooey

Author, Legacy of Leadership

Bob Hooey

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Effective leadership is a commitment to interaction and connection with people, some of whom are difficult to deal with on occasion. One thing I have learned over many years, in a variety of leadership and team roles, is conflict naturally happens when people come together. Conflict results when people with varying viewpoints, cultures, experiences and agendas attempt to connect or co-operate in a relationship, a venture or even a common cause of great importance. CONFLICT is simply a bi-product of the interaction and connection between people. Handling it effectively is a part of the leadership process! Resolve to be an ‘effective’ leader and welcome ‘creative conflict’ as an opportunity to help your team grow and succeed. Canada’s Ideaman, Bob Hooey, partners with committed leaders and organizations to equip and motivate for profitable grown and enhanced success. He teaches secrets of idea-rich business and leadership development built on solid foundations and taking strategic action. He is the prolific author of 15 business and leadership success books and travels the world sharing his innovative Ideas At Work! Creative Conflict Idea-rich leadership strategies for team success Leaders edge series