Company Profile

Powermax formally commenced its operation in September 2007 with the vision of organizing seminars and big events or summits to enhance the attitude and strengthen the portfolio of knowledge and skills of professionals from various disciplines. It is imbued with the belief that one key differentiator in these challenging times is the ability to optimize the scarce resources.

Thus, the name Powermax referring to maximization of power or becoming more productive and effective! With this sense of public purpose, Powermax is committed to providing world-class, high-impact and cost-effective events and seminars and in-house training programs.

Powermax is blessed with a battery of competent speakers, facilitators and trainers who have the expertise and a wealth of experience in their chosen fields and have served some of the top corporations in the Philippines and abroad.


We will add value to our clients through our high-quality and up-to-date special seminars and big events conducted by successful businessmen, government leaders and competent speakers and trainers.


To be a leading company in organizing big events and special seminars to help enhance the potential of business and corporate people.

Our Corporate Values

We exceed not just meet the expectations of our customers.

Excellence permeates our corporate culture.

We act in a manner suitable and appropriate to the nobility and high standard of our profession

We walk our talk.

We exert conscious efforts to outperform ourselves and our past performance.

Our Corporate Clients

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